Sustainability defines the acceptable limits of our abuse on Nature. Resilience defines the human wisdom of adapting to and integrating with Nature.

Thomas Allocca

T H E   B A H A M A S

Arkilience for The Bahamas Resiliency Project

Ragged Island

Arkilience is a project by White Oak Arkitecture created in June 2024 as a partner project of The Bahamas Resiliency Project, by The Global Resiliency Project (TGRP) based in Florida, United States. It is aimed at improving the resiliency of the 700 islands of the Bahamas archipelago against climate change and catastrophic weather events like heat waves and hurricanes. The pilot project is based on Ragged Island and includes sub-projects for landscape and natural resources protection, economic regeneration, architectural and urban development, and the integration of luxury tourism with traditional culture. All the projects will guarantee the participation of the local community throughout the entire development process.

White Oak Arkitecture's contribution through the Arkilience project will focus on solutions aimed at integrating the concept of sustainable architecture, which is fundamentally based on strategies of mitigation, with the concept of resilient architecture, which is based on strategies of adaptation and integration. The focus will be above all on architectural, urban, and landscape solutions capable of strengthening, making self-sustainable, and more resilient local community, preventing them from abandoning their historical lands because of hurricanes.

Whatever religion we feel to belong to, whatever god we like to pray to, what makes our lives sacred is the way we take care of the timeless beauty of the universal essential, protecting it from the human ego that tends towards the unnecessary.

Thomas Allocca

photos by The Global Resiliency Project