"Luxury is not a matter of expensive materials, but of light and geometries, of sacred meanings and harmonies. Luxury is the sublimation of beauty, when beauty becomes poetry, whisper of grace, when our soul, of the beauty, feels the embrace."



White Oak Arkitecture is an Italy-based architecture firm, founded in 2017 by Thomas Allocca, designer and journalist, expert of low-energy low-carbon wood-based building systems. In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations Organization, White Oak Arkitecture is mainly focused on wood-based architecture and interior design for luxury market, using high-quality materials for solutions of excellence, not only to guarantee the best structures, aesthetics, functionalities and comforts, but also for reducing the energy dependence of the buildings and their equivalent carbon dioxide emissions, increasing their market value. The founder also lived in Ireland and in Iceland, developing a design philosophy deeply influenced by those places and cultures. It be a table, a chair, a whole house or a garden, medieval archetypes are always the starting and the ending point. Celtic and Viking spirituality and arboreal symbolism are always present, clearly expressed or hidden into sacred geometries not always told neither to clients nor to press, they are reinterpreted for modern solutions, but defining the medieval soul of any design, the distinctive signature of the White Oak Arkitecture style.

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