Luxury. The timeless elegance of the essential.

Thomas Allocca

Quercia Bianca

Luxury residential park in the green heart of Italy

Quercia Bianca is an ambitious residential project on about 40.000 sqm, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. The lot is on the southern side of Lake Trasimeno, in the territory of Castiglione del Lago, one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Italy, still preserving its ancient charm.

Quercia Bianca is a luxury gated residential park, with eight one-family villas, about 250 sqm each, with garage, swimming pool, private garden, surveillance service, and a gated park with tennis court, cycling paths, woods, parking, four levels of privacy. Luxury conceived above all as quality of life, privacy and security. All villas faicing south, made with wood, cork, glass, stone, will guarantee the highest standards of aesthetics, comfort, structural and thermal performance, at the lowest energy costs. No risk of gas radon. No risk of v.o.c (volatile organic compounds). No risk of s.b.s. (sick building syndrome). Quercia Bianca is the new generation of the old brick traditional Umbria's houses, dark, cold, moldy. The carbon footprint of the whole project will be compensated by the treed park, oaks, birches, giant bamboo.

design 2024  |  construction 2025-2026  |  investment 8 million €

P R O J E C T S   2017 - 2023


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G A R D E N S   &   P A R K S

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