There is no more time for playing with Ecofriendly and Sustainable words. Now, it's time for acting Resilience.

Thomas Allocca

drawing © R3Architetti

Nursery School at Rodari Institute

Italy, Massalengo

client  Town of Massalengo, Province of Lodi, Italy  funder  European Union, Next Generation EU, PNRR Mission 4  general director  eng. Luca Lena  project  HPDB, Milano, Italy + R3Architetti, Torino, Italy  general contractor  Sabino Dicataldo Costruzioni, Barletta, Italy  executive director  eng. Ruggiero Lombardi  subcontractor for wooden structures  Oaksight, Salerno, Italy  creative director of the subcontractor for wooden structures  White Oak Arkitecture, Italy

construction cost 4.7 million €

wooden structures  lamitated timber for pillars, beams, stud-frame walls, and roofs; cross laminated timber for bearing walls; composite wood for outdoor flooring  total structural timber  380 cubic meters  roof area  1600 sqm, 17200 sqf  wooden structures' construction time  2024.06-2024.09  total construction time  28 months, 2023.11-2026.03