When my creativity has no more solutions, I go out in the woods, and it is there that I find them.

Thomas Allocca

Buhovo Tech Center and Botanical Park

Bulgaria, Sofia district, Buhovo

The Buhovo Tech Center and Botanical Park is the response of the Capital City of Sofia to the European Green Deal, a project of urban regeneration in the Town of Buhovo developed in partnership with Mazevatti Group. White Oak Architecture is the creative director of the Botanical Park, serving as a consultant for Mazevatti Group. The botanical park is conceived as the core of the Center, following the motto "Nature is not a limit, but the strength of any urban regeneration." The project is developed on both public and private lands in the Buhovo-Kremikovtsi district, serving as the gateway to Stara Planina Nature Park and the Mountain Biosphere Reserves. The Technological Center will serve research sectors such as wellness, sports, and bio-tech. The concept of the Botanical Park is based on the four elements of life - land, air, water, fire - including the House of Resilience, the Museum, the Healing Forest, and the Korean Bamboo Garden. The Botanical Park aims to be both an open-air educational and healing space, and a natural laboratory for the Research Center.

concept 2023  |  total cost 24 million €