Luxury. The timeless elegance of the essential.

Thomas Allocca

White Oak Residences

Italy, Castiglione del Lago

White Oak Residences is an ambitious residential project on about 40.000 sqm, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. The lot is on the southern side of Lake Trasimeno, in the territory of Castiglione del Lago, one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Italy, still preserving its ancient charm.

White Oak Residences is a luxury gated residential park, with eight one-family villas, about 250 sqm each, with garage, swimming pool, private garden, surveillance service, tennis court, cycling paths, private woods, parking, four levels of privacy. Luxury conceived above all as quality of life, privacy and security. All villas faicing south, will be built just using wood, cork, glass, stone, with the highest standards of aesthetics, comfort, structural and thermal performance, without any risk of SBS (sick building syndrome).

design 2024  |  total cost 8 million €




Attic Riviello, Salerno. Villa Filograna, Lecce. Villa Bamonte, Salerno. Villa DeSantis, Frosinone. Apartment Quaracchi, Firenze. Villa Colaprisca, Roma. Primavera Park, Napoli. Villa Di Naro, Napoli. Villa Dramisino, Salerno. Attic Onore, Napoli. Villa Miagor, Salerno. Apartment Falcone, Salerno. Villa Cypress, Salerno. QB Residential Park, Salerno. Villa Migliaccio, Frosinone. Villa Perrini, Frosinone. Villa Finsinger, Terni. Villa Ricci, Padova. Villa Zanè, Roma. Villa Diaz Della Vittoria Pallavicini, Roma. Castle von Liechtenstein, Brescia. Apartment Zuma, Napoli. Villa Beretta, Brescia.


Medical Center AstraMed, Frosinone. B&B Cannella, Salerno. Studio Palumbo Consulting, Salerno. Studio Mascolo, Salerno. Clinic Fonte, Salerno. Hotel and Restaurant Mojo, Salerno. Hotel Paradiso, Salerno. Hotel and Restaurant Collespinoso, Frosinone. Hotel and Restaurant Raphael, Salerno. Church Sacro Cuore, Napoli. Other Size Gallery, Milano.

G A R D E N S   &   P A R K S

Garden Fiocco, Roma. Lightness Garden, Roma. Garden Miagor, Salerno. Ciku Bamboo Park, Roma. Garden DeSantis, Frosinone.

Skyscrapers are not the solution. They deprive architecture and our ego of the sense of the limit. As long as architecture will protect its sense of the limit, it will remain a model, regardless of the styles, regardless of the mistakes.

Thomas Allocca


Massachusetts, Cape Cod

Arkilience is a project by White Oak Arkitecture, started in October 2023, inspired by the renovation of a private estate on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The project aims to provide design and construction services in the area of Cape Cod, with particular attention to keep preserved the traditional characters of The Cape, which is the most traditional American cottage, but at the same time to adeguate it to more healthy standards, such as more sunlight, more natural air ventilation, less risk of sick building syndrome (SBS), less need of mechanical devices for heating and cooling, a better integration of the traditional structural and architectural archetypes with a more modern and effective interior design.

Arkilience's mission is to promote the principles and aims of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in its efforts to make buildings more resilient to climate change, while preserving the priceless beauty and historical value of The Cape. The name Arkilience combines the words "architecture" and "resilience", encapsulating the concept of resilient architecture, with the ambition to establish The Cape as the most emblematic model of resilient architecture in the American history.

Arkilience aims to the preservation of historical and cultural landmarks while promoting international standards of resilience and sustainability. Arkilience aims to make The Cape as a flagship example in the international context - also for Europe where its archetype comes from - considering the preservation of traditional and historical architecture as a plus value, both for cultural identity and for economic development, through the high-characterization of the real estate market.

Antiseismic Research

In 1980, the Irpinia earthquake damaged my family's house. It was one of the most terrific earthquakes in the history of Italy. Hundreds of thousands of houses collapsed like sand castles on a rainy day. Even the most modern concrete buildings were severely damaged, shattering their common mythical consideration as the eternal material. Our condominium needed two years of work before we could go back home, and it was just ten years old. I was so shocked by that experience that, since my first studies at high-school and then studying architecture, I have been obsessed with antiseismic systems.

I have spent a long time conducting historical research, traveling as much as I could, and learning from medieval timber framing systems that the secret lies in the jointing. Mission of White Oak Arkitecture is also to develop innovative solutions for contributing to safer houses, preventing other children from experiencing earthquakes in a sad way.

White Oak Arkitecture was born from fear and challenge, the fear that I lived, and the challenge of helping the world not be scared by poorly built houses but to accept the Earth's dance. I will never forget the horrific sound of my childhood home cracking all around us in the darkness of the night while my brother, my parents, and I, all together in just one hug, were protecting each other, waiting for the end of the earthquake. I was 9, but everything is still clear in my memory.

And yet, from that terrific experience, I learned the most precious lesson for my work as a designer: only poorly built houses can kill people; earthquakes can only invite the well-built ones to dance. Earthquakes are the demonstration that the planet is alive, and we cannot avoid them, but we can avoid being scared of them by building architecture capable of dancing with the Earth. Wooden structures are our best opportunity of dancing with the planet.