"When someone, something, someplace, makes you feel comfortable and more connected to yourself, generating a mutual sense of recognition and belonging, a rare state of bliss: that is Beauty. When beauty makes possible to expand yourself, your ambition and cravingness of universal harmony: that is Art. Beauty puts you in harmony with yourself. Art connects you with universe harmony. Beauty is a process from outside to inside, towards yourself. Art brings you again outside, joining yourself to the rest."


Tresjel is an international art project, born in January 2022, as a TreeArt Collection of original artworks, for exclusive luxury interior design projects, for collectors and galleries. The name Tresjel has been created using two Norwegian words, 'tre' and 'sjel', meaning 'anima arborea (italian), anamcrann (gaelic), arboreal soul, tree soul', referred to the core subject of the collection: trees. Artworks join the Tresjel collection through contract of international exclusive sale.

White Birch

by Giancarlo Iacomucci 1980
tempera and imprint on wood
85 x 100 cm    33.5 x 39.5 in
01 | 2022.01

24,000 $  USD

Number 5

(Numero 5)
by Giancarlo Iacomucci 1988
paintinggouache on paper
60 x 70 cm    23.5 x 27.5 in
02 | 2022.01

4,000 $  USD

Tangle of Thoughts

(Groviglio di Pensieri)
by Giancarlo Iacomucci 1988
oil/charcoal/gold on paper
50 x 70 cm    20 x 27.5 in
03 | 2022.01

4,000 $  USD


by Giancarlo Iacomucci 1986
painting, egg tempera on wood
220 x 160 cm    87 x 63 in
04 | 2022.01

40,000 $  USD

"I like to consider Science as the representation by default of Nature, and Art as its representation by excess. Science tells us of our limits. Art reminds us of the limitless need we have of beauty. Science gives us answers. Art is the mother of any question."


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